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Just to be clear... this entire site is a template filled with content that you can replace. You can remove entire sections on a page, change any colour, font, image or video. It's so flexible it's unreal. Almost unreal. It's actually very real, cos you can actually do it.


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Event Engine's pages present the best of both methods of site build: You have the ability to create, build and edit sites using the front end builder AND you can create databases (exhibitors, speakers, agendas) in the back end to pull into the design wherever you wish. Say goodbye to duplicating content.

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Whether regional, national, or global, we are the community that enables the meeting of minds for the most effective collaboration. Get with the right people at the right time. Anytime.

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We enable you to be a part of the conversations shaping the collective direction of the industry. Input and learn simultaneously from the very best of your peers. Together, we make greater change.