The World's Most Awesome Conference Template

30-31 August 2020 | Port Elizabeth, SA

About The Event

Unleash the power of genuine engagement at the industry's best conference. Enable connections like never before. Facilitate discussion that brings lasting change. Empower your community and know you've made a difference.


Be a part of the conversations shaping the collective direction of the industry.

Input and learn simultaneously from the very best of your peers. Together, we make greater change.


Whether regional, national, or global, we are the community that enables the meeting of minds for the most effective collaboration. Get with the right people at the right time. Anytime.

Just look at that notebook

Check out this guy!

This guy, known in the industry as 'This Guy', never leaves home without his big notebook and a wire attached to the back of his neck.

Often mistaken for the actor who played Delmar in O Brother Where Art Thou? he likes nothing better than to invite you to talk to him, as noted by the instruction on his lanyard (another item which he never takes off).

His next ambitious goal? To master the use of paragraphs.

Nana Miskov sings during the online buffet*

*food not provided.

Get those mute buttons to ready for action. Nana Miskov is considered by over a dozen people worldwide to have the most irritating voice available for comparative budgets.

Nana will be multi-tasking her lunch hour away by tearing up a selection of her all time favourite ballads, including 'Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter' (Iron Maiden) and 'The Theme Tune from The 10 O'Clock News' (featuring Trevor 'Puff' McDonald), all while munching on a cob salad.

The Countdown Begins

Actually, it began some time ago. It's just that you didn't see this fab countdown timer til now.


Laura Ipsum does her thang

Come and hear Laura Ipsum tellin' it like it is in Latin. Laura will dazzle with her phasellus porttitor sollicitudin fermentum. Cras at maximus nisi. Aenean sagittis ligula in nibh vulputate pulvinar. Nam accumsan, nunc non interdum luctus, ligula ipsum luctus turpis, et euismod lacus turpis ac metus. But this keynote will be a sell out, so book early!